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Artificial intelligence-based solution that enables farmers to identify and treat plant diseases and pests.

Why Agrio?

Saillog offers an artificial intelligence-based solution that enables farmers to identify and treat plant diseases and pests. Saillog developed an interactive smartphone app called Agrio. Agrio analyzes images of diseased crops for automatic disease identification. Users may receive identifcations within seconds and can choose to share their images with experts from around the world who provide opinions on the best methods for treatment.

The Problem

The imbalance between agricultural productivity and the growing global food demand has dramatically worsened over recent decades. There are approximately one billion people in the world experiencing chronic food insecurity and the numbers are expected to increase. Whilst, there is a shortage of agricultural extension experts who can aid farmers in overcoming problems that effect agriculture production.

Pathogens are directly responsible for yield losses of ~30% of the global agricultural productivity. Farmers experience annual losses of $300 billion due to lack of pest and disease diagnosis, containment, and treatment options. Many plant diseases have a fairly well-established control protocol; however, failure to control the problem occurs due to misdiagnoses, late-stage diagnoses, and lack of knowledge and access to solutions.

One of the reasons early detection of pests and diseases is challenging is because the knowledge we have accumulated in the agriculture research oftentimes does not tickle down to farmers. If farmers had access to such knowledge, they could take preventive measures. There is a need to supply to farmers with tools that help them assess risks and plan their prevention steps more accurately.

The Solution

Due to the multifaceted nature of these macrolevel problems, Saillog provides an opportunity for sustainable agriculture by offering economic benefits to small and large scale farmers and reducing the risk of food insecurity; thereby, supplying a socially impactful solution.

Saillog leverages and deploys artificial intelligence algorithms on mobile devices, and other monitoring hardware, which provides users with one complete solution to the disease and pests management problem. Saillog's artificial intelligence engine is proficient in classifying hundreds of diseases and deficiencies and becomes more advanced as data is aggregated through use of the AI system. The computer vision algorithm is capable of reaching a highly accurate diagnosis through examining imagery of suspected pathologies. Our mission is to become the leading AI solution in the plant disease control domain while reducing global hunger.

Saillog developed AgrioShield, the world’s first-ever artificially intelligent crop disease and pest alert system. AgrioShield notifies subscribers before crop diseases and pests are detected to arrive on their farms. These alerts, along with written preventative measures, aid in impeding infestations and reducing yield losses.

"It's an excellent app. give you the best diagnosis and proper guidelines for treatment."
Rupinder Singh

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